May 2018 - Unique Southern Africa Experience!

Visit Powerful Ancient African Sacred Sites.

Enjoy Kundalini Yoga under the vast African Sky.

  • Cathedral Rock

  • Cave of Ascension

  • Group Meditation

  • Look who came to call - On Safari.

  • The Mother Stone

  • Taking a break!

  • Beach Celebration

  • Cape Point, Cape Town.

  • Slider 9

  • Story telling around the camp fire.

As we travel around these sacred sites we will heal ourselves and the planet as we explore our connection to All that IS.

Taking time for Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Chi Kung, ceremonies and the seeding of intentions for ourselves, our families and the entire planet. This tour is about healing ourselves, healing the earth and connection with Mother Nature.

We can start to work with and activate the African energy of the Heart to connect back into her maternal energy of love and compassion. During this trip each person will receive three Energy healing sessions to clear and assist you on your journey as you're excelerated through time/space and higher dimensions for your bloodlines advancement and evolution.

Our journey will take us from Johannesburg, the Cradle of Humankind to the exquisitely beautiful Leopard’s Rock luxury Eco Estate deep in the African Bushveld.  This is in Limpopo province, 2 hours drive North of Johannesburg.

Here we can connect to the wilderness and essence of Africa.  Where we will get to know our fellow travellers through authentic relating, talks-lectures & activities. A Safari drive, to hopefully spot the Big 5.

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing sessions & Chi Kung. Guided bush walks. Drumming around the camp fire with star gazing. Delicious Rawlicious & Vegetarian cooking classes and beautiful organic vegetarian food accompanied by Healthy juicing.

On this retreat Kundalini Yoga sessions are an integral part of the program.

“Do not wait for miracles,

You ARE the Miracle!

Never forget the miracle of yourself".

Pujya Swamiji's

Thereafter, we travel back to Johannesburg to catch our flight to George, a picturesque town on the Southern Cape coastline of the famous Garden Route.

We will be visiting the most significant archaeological discoveries ever made regarding the origins of all people alive on earth today and the birth place of modern man.

"The entire Cape coast from one end of it to

the other is a spiritually sacred place, where man first

found knowledge from God.  The Earth sends us hidden

messages, the earth actually speaks to us, only we

are too stupid, too crude to hear these messages.  Who

would not be inspired by such enormity?  I am!"

Credo Mutwa

Mother Africa will shift you,

Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul


15 day Tour of a Lifetime!

Includes all accommodation (15 nights)  all meals, transport, portage, guide fees, game drive and a domestic flight from Johannesburg to George.

Excludes International flights to and from South Africa.

Tour starts: O.R.T. Airport, Johannesburg    Tour ends:  Cape Town