Diana Smith

Diana is a practitioner of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. She is a Spiritual and Vibrational Energy teacher and is passionate about Transforming peoples lives for the better. She has trained extensively throughout the world and has much wisdom and knowledge to share.

As a child, growing up in rural Zimbabwe she can recall the powerful connection she felt to Mother Africa which has grown as she has explored many powerful, sacred ancient sites throughout Southern Africa. There is much wisdom in this continent – The Origin of Humankind and she’s excited to share this with others. Its time is now as Humanity is awakening to the New Consciousness. Mother Africa has a very important role to play in this regard and together we can help assist this awakening.

She represents and teaches The HiddenMind & Bio Energy Institute – Europe and The Living Threads – Australia, here in Africa.

Her personal journey with spirituality, self development and energy healing started as a child with her Gift of being extremely sensitive and intuitive.

Diana has been interviewed in magazines and on radio. She is based in Cape Town/Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa and teaches throughout Southern Africa.